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About Angels Desserts


We are the perfect destination for those who want to skip a meal and have some desserts for a meal. Our Menu serves delicious waffles and dishes that make it every food lover's paradise. Our customers always keep coming back for more as they are tasteful, satisfying, and enjoyable to eat. We at Angels Desserts serve dishes made using natural ingredients and lesser chemicals. To enjoy the desserts with a pleasing ambiance, visit us with friends and family. However, we also offer home delivery services. You can download our free app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and order your food online. Does anything get better than this where you can order your favorite desserts home?

Angels Desserts Restaurant


You can visit us at Dunstable Road, Luton, to eat some of your favourite desserts. We are a designated restaurant for desserts where you don’t have to wait for dinner, and you can just skip to desserts. We are centrally located, which makes it easier for customers from all over to reach us. Our local transportation system connects us well to all other parts of the city, making it easier to visit us. Once you're here, you can spot us at the corner of the road. However, if you still can't locate us, you use the GPS feature on our app to help you reach us. Once you try the desserts at Angels Desserts, we promise you will keep coming for more. - We currently only deliver, however, so no need to find us yet.

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